Her Voice Is Like An Angel, But He Never Admired Her Singing, Discover Why!

Everybody wants to love and be loved. But not everyone believes in finding the right one? Laura works as a waitress in a restaurant. She is a very beautiful lady with an angelic voice. One day, her boss discovered her talent and decided to let her sing in the restaurant instead of working as a waitress. On a Saturday night, she happened to feel something special for a customer who is a new comer. To show that she is interested in him, she sang every song from that day on about him. What made her so confused is that he didn’t pay any attention to her. After several days, she found out that he is an ASL speaker, which means he could never hear her voice. Then she got the idea to find a new way to communicate with him. One day, She gave a beggar a cup of tea. When leaving, he left by accident a book entitled ” A Basic Course in American Sign Language”. She took it and she passed all night long learning how to accompany her songs with sign language. Next day, the guy enjoyed every single word of her singing and  that was the beginning of a long journey!

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