Here Is A Gender Reveal Party That Will Blow Your Mind – WOW!

After two years of marriage, Timothy and Brittany are expecting their first baby. The little one is due in May 2017. Like most modern couples, the Ontario couple decided not to reveal the gender of the baby till halfway through the pregnancy.

The couple organized a gender reveal party in their house. The couple made the guests bet if the baby was male or female. The duo realized a bunch of blue balloons and voila, it was a boy.

However, that was not the only surprise the couple had for their visitors.

Timothy turns to the guest and thanks them for coming. He has a special message for them.

When he unzips his hoodie, a special message is emblazoned across his T-shirt.

“Real men make twins” the message read. The couple opens a box and pulls out pink balloons.

The reaction of the guests is priceless. I bet they never saw that coming.

To capture the surprise and excitement from the elated audience on that day, Brittany advises you to watch the video below.

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