Here’s The Beautiful American Tree That Has Stood The Test Of Time. What A History!

Hundreds of years ago, when the first European pilgrims landed on American soil, the land was a sad-looking wilderness with nothing much to offer. One of the people who came to the New Land was Puritan John Endicott. He made history!

Endicott wanted to make his people feel more at home in the foreign land, so he did the one thing he knew would work to that effect. He shipped a pear tree from Europe, across the great ocean, and brought it to America. He planted it in his big farm. This tree would become a great landmark in modern America!

It’s now called Endicott’s Pear Tree, and it has stood in the farm at Danvers, Massachusetts, for the last 338 years. It bears fruits every year. Even President John Adams loved its fruits. Even after some crooks cut it down in 1994, the local community came together to protect it. In fact, in 2011, the tree rose again, grew, and started giving its fruits again!

The tree is now a landmark in American history. It’s a longtime legacy of the early American society. Check out this video of the beautiful Endicott’s Pear Tree and love it. Make sure you SHARE this with your Facebook friends!

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