Here’s The New Invention That’ll Save Thousands Of Lives. Perfect!

So many people die in road accidents; way too many. Nobody should meet their death on the road. Cars are meant for transport and not deathbeds. Finally, someone is doing something about it!

You see, accidents result into fatalities when the car hits a barrier and people get hurt due to the force of the impact. Sometimes the car may even fall over the barrier, causing even more injuries to the occupants. But with this brilliant South Korean technology, you can now expect the number of deaths to decrease drastically in the near future. You welcome that!

The technology, invented by Eti Co.LTD, involves installing road barriers capable of absorbing the shock caused after impact. The energy is transferred to another rotating barrel and expended. That way, the occupants are safe since no or little force of reaction gets back to hurt them in the car. That’s something that could save lots of lives, given that over 37,000 Americans meet their deaths on the road every year. That’s about to change!

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