He’s Blind, But You Won’t Believe What He Can Do With His Vocals. Awesome!

When Christopher Duffley first made a jump on the field, everyone was cheering. That’s before he even started his main thing. This young guy is surely blessed!

Christopher has autism and he’s blind too, but that doesn’t stop him from living his happiest life and enjoying the use of his inborn talents. This 14-year-old seems to have quit a talent in singing, and he proved that when he took to the stage to belt out the lyrics to the National Anthem at Fenway Park.

At first, the crowd is excited at his appearance and starting tricks, and then they’re stunned by his vocal prowess. It’s so nice to see people like Christopher rising above the tides and stigma of feeling different and going on to even make other people happy. It’s such a relief!

In the video, you’ll want to watch Christopher as he takes on the beautiful national anthem, and you’ll love his incredible performance. Check it out and be inspired, and you feel nice about it, go ahead and SHARE it with all your friends and family on Facebook. Let the world know that disability is not a measure of inability!

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