He’s Filming Himself, Then The Kitty Comes In And I’m Torn Up. Hilarious!

If you own a pet, then you understand that anything can happen in your house regardless of the kind of animal you keep. Be prepared!

If you’re looking for a creative feline pet, get a cat. Cats are the most secretive animals and they derive their pleasure from meddling with other’s business. In contrast, dogs have a big problem keeping secrets under wraps, and they’re often caught red handed with the paws on the cookie

In the video, Sam Lapin, a Northern Kentucky University professor, is caught unawares when his cat shows up while he’s so seriously shooting a clip of himself for “Lego Town”, something he’s done for forty years.

Lapin always comes up with something great for Lego, and he’s in the middle of making a video for his Facebook page promotion; he’s trying hard to spit out the correct memorized lines when the cat sneaks in and makes a daring guest appearance in the shooting.

Lapin couldn’t bring himself to even snare at his little fury friend, and the camera captures this incredibly timeless moment.

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