He’s Invited To A Radio Show, And Then It Turns Into The Greatest Christmas Wish When He Didn’t Even Have A Clue!

When you talk about great and unforgettable experiences, you should mention something about this story, because it illustrates it best.

One day, David Schmitz was requested to appear in a radio show, but he had no idea what awaited him at the Start 102.5 during the annual Christmas Wish. On 27th of September 2011, his dear wife, Brenda, had succumbed to ovarian cancer that had advanced to stage 4. But Brenda had left behind a surprise for her husband, and it was under conditions.

Brenda had arranged and requested that a letter she wrote to her husband be read to him when he was ready to move on with his life after her death, and when David was called to the radio show, he already had a fiancée. The condition had been met.

Watch as Collen Kelly, the radio show host, reads the letter to David as he struggles to keep his cool, and failing. The surprise turned into the best Christmas Wish the show had ever seen. Watch the full clip and get to know what Brenda had in store for her hubby. Please SHARE on Facebook with everyone!

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