Hilarious Ad That Will Leave You In Stitches – But It’s Banned!

Companies understand the power of advertising. When they launch new products and services, the best way to reach a large number of consumers is through advertising. However, the adverts need to be creative and ingenious. Creating a commercial that meets such standards may be a daunting task.

One beer company created an ad that rubbed some people the wrong way. The Bud Light advert will leave you in stitches.

In the ad, a lady by the name Sarah is organizing a clothing drive. Sara encourages her workmates to be part of the initiative. Sarah promises a Bud Light for each donation. We see the colleagues stripping at the mention of beer. The men are seen walking around in their underwear, holding a beer in their hands.

By the end of the exercise, everyone is naked except Sarah, who has a box full of clothes. The manager calls for a meeting to congratulate   Sarah for her initiative and her colleagues for their donations.

Watch the video below. Your ribs will ache by the end of the clip. Did you find the video hilarious? Let us know your reactions in the comments section.

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