His Mom Refused To Take Him Home At Birth, Years Later It’s A Complete Shock!

Robert Hoge was born in Australia 44 years ago, but that’s not the focus here. You want to know what actually happened when, after his birth, he was found to have a big tumor on his face. He also had some other deformities that led to his legs being amputated. You won’t believe this!

After birth, his mom was heartbroken and desperate. She couldn’t believe she was the mother of such an ugly child. She couldn’t even make sense of it because she had other 5 other kids who were “perfect.” Why this one? She wanted him to just die and leave her in peace. She refused to see him or take him home for a whole week. What’s next?

Her family called a meeting, and what happened next is still great in everyone’s eyes. Robert is now a grown man at 44 years of age. He underwent surgery to remove the tumor and reconstruct his nose. Although he now uses prosthetic legs, he’s happy. And he loves him mom too; despite the complications after his birth.

According to Robert, the fact that she was able to dispel her fears and raise him properly is enough for him. He understands. Check out the full video here and like it.

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