His Wife Had A Disney Land Surprise For Him, You Will Love Her Style!

Bryan Star is a diehard Star Wars Fan, just as his name suggests! As you would imagine, when his wife wanted to share some big news with him, she knew exactly how to get to his heart. When they decided to take a vocation to Disney Land, his wife decided to call before they arrived and get some surprises ready for her husband.

Then she made sure that she had her camera ready so that she would film him as he looked with glee at the various Star Wars artifacts in Disney Land. Then just as he thought he was having his best moments, he was asked to wait by the side wall. Why? The workers had something to present to him.

The next series of events will practically leave you mesmerized by what this wife did for her husband; it’s really one of the best ways for couples to treat each other. The first surprise presented by the Disney Workers was an opportunity to take a photo with some of the Star Wars characters. The next surprise is a gift she had purchased specially for him.

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