His Wife Might Be Dead, But Not Their Love. This Says It All!

When Bud Caldwell’s wife, Betty died, he started doing what many have never seen before. He bought a park bench and dedicated it to Betty. He could then take a penny and a daisy every day to the spot. He took these as gifts for paying tribute to the songs they enjoyed as a couple. They always liked listening to “Pennies From Heaven” as well as “Daisy a Day.”

The recent icy and snowy conditions made his trip to the park almost impossible. That did not discourage him from making the daily trips though some danger was posed by the snow-covered walkways. When some park employees noticed the kind of hardship was he facing, they decided to clear the path for him. As reported by the local news stations, they will keep doing it for him the whole winter.

While reporting to FOX 11, Caldwell said he never wants to let his wife down and will always inform her of the daily happenings!

What else can you term as true love story?

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