Holding His Great-Great-Grandson Meant A Lot For This 105-Year-Old, But You Won’t Resist The Tears!

Imagine what happens when a 5-days-old little baby meets a 105-years-old guy. Couple that with the fact that these two are actually family. When you think about it, then you’ll understand why everyone is going crazy about this video!

Susan and Jason married early, and they got pregnant early too. This couple wasn’t in the mood to waste time, so they made up their minds to start a family immediately. When Susan Zwolak gave birth to baby Easton, she and her hubby, Jason, knew that they needed to introduce the new family member to his great, great grandfather.

The video here captures that emotional moment when Pop finally gets to meet the baby. He holds and cradles him in his arms, with shinning eyes and a great smile. You can feel his emotion. He’s clearly overjoyed!

The clip was posted online, and it didn’t take any long for millions of people to go scrambling for it. It’s that good. We thank the stars that there was someone to capture all this on film.

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