How People Are Reacting To Free Money Pinned On His Suit Will Shock You

If there is a person with captivating social experiments on how people think, is Coby Persin. In the experiment shown in the clip below, he clads in a suit that has money attached to it and takes a stroll in the streets of New York. The aim was to see if people would take what they needed or more.

The result was very shocking as people dressed in suits and women with expensive handbags were taking the notes off his suit in a greedy manner. Then a man with a briefcase stopped Coby and took some bills, then Coby asks him if he really needed the money because he liked like he was not in need.

The man responded that he was not in need of the money but he decided to take it because it was free. Other people who really never needed the money took the bills from Coby’s suit. One of them was a lady with a Louis Vuitton designer handbag. She plucked $18 so that she could pay for her nail appointment the next day.

When a homeless man came by, he first asked permission if he would take some dollars, and the stunning thing is that he took only $2 to purchase something to eat. He went further to ask Cody to give the money to other needy people. Coby handed him 60 dollars so that he could use them with his dog.

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