Husband Films The Pregnancy Of His Wife Until She Delivers… So Special!

Technology has eased our lives as we can now film anything from weddings to the meals we normally have. This can be done by either photographing or filming. The clip below features a woman who gets documented by Sean Klitzner, her husband, from the time she was pregnant to the time when she delivered.

The video is all about how the couple had to cope along with the pregnancy, their reaction when the ultrasound is taken and they have a chance to see their unborn baby, and when the cake maker helps them to find out which gender the baby is. In general, they are short videos which are joined by photos of the ever increasing belly for all the 9 months.

The awaited day came on Sep 10, 2014. The couple went for their routine checkup and the doctor told them that the baby was due in a week’s time, but it was like that the unborn baby had his plans too as he came into the world on the 11th of September, a day after the checkup. They named her Brooklyn Violet. One of the doctors present at the delivery said that the kid came into the world on a sad day but it meant victory since he was born the very day America wanted to be ruined.

The video below shows as Brooklyn is trying to discover the world for herself on the sites. It’s without doubt that she will be thankful to her parents for having filmed all her journey to this world.

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