Husband Reacts Funnily To The Anesthetic Drug Administered By The Dentist!

In the clip below, we see a man by the name of Bart getting home after having a tedious and tiring day at the dentist. He seems to be still having that pain from the medicine he was given. It is not a secret to anyone that these anesthesia drugs are very strong that when given to a patient, they make him act in a funny manner as if he is drunk. When you look at Bart, you make think that he is a rough and tough guy, but upon watching the clip, you will find out that he is none other than a softie!

He goes straight to bed to see if he will be better, and that is when his wife pops into the room to ensure that he still got his favorite tape to sooth him, when she pulls the covers, it chances that…

But what is the function of the tape? It is simple, if his head is going to fall off, the tape will make sure it remains in position, so funny!

What a kind and understanding woman, even though it seems to be a silly thing after all! She must be a strong woman to have done all that without laughing herself. She even wrote on YouTube that the anesthesia drugs were the best drugs to take on a trip like that one. Watch the funny clip below and please SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook!


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