Husband Surprises His Wife During Their 60th Anniversary By Doing This… Incredible!

It is rare to find a couple that has lived together for many years and still love each other like the way they did the first time they met. This is because of the higher divorce rate in the recent days.

However, the video below presents a couple that is 80 years of age and surprisingly loves each other so dearly in a way that you may think they are still in their honeymoon.

On their 60th anniversary, they opted to celebrate it by playing the hit song known as Up (2009) by Pixar on the piano.

The surprising thing is that it is not their first time to play the piano and as they have been playing it together since they got married. On this very particular day, their grandson Jason Lyle Black, who is also a pianist recorded them.

Speaking, Black confessed that his grandparents were very happy to be part of the recording, and it was very interesting to have worked with them since he loved the way the two played the piano from the time he was a little kid. He said the filmed video was going to become a gem for the whole family

This clip has its charming moments as it has received more than 900,000 views and was only uploaded just recently.

One of the comments left by a viewer was saying that he knew how lovely it was for Black to have grandparents like that because he too had grandparents who were married for 61 years. He went ahead to congratulate Black’s grandparents and wished them more years together.

Other commenters were so motivated with the love that the couple still had and went ahead to post that they wished to have just 1% of their happy life with a woman.

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