I Don’t Know Who Taught Him, But This Is Absolutely Mind-Blowing. You’ll Love It!

I have been searching for the greatest dance done by an extra-ordinary human being, and I think I just found it.

But perhaps the better thing to say is that there’s this boy that threw a stunt at a poolside, and now everyone is looking for that video. If you had a chance to listen to a particular song “Cuban Pete,” then you know how good it is. The song was written by Joseph Norman and sang by Louis Armstrong, then re-done by various people, including Desi Arnaz (on I love Lucy) and Jim Carrey (on The Mask).

Now this video has surfaced, and it carries the kind of a performance that’ll throw you to the floor. Here’s a small boy having a good time at the poolside when the guys on the deck decide to throw on this song. This boy loves this beat, and what he did with it is something that got the strangers looking on with amazement.

The people around the boy had no option but to cheer him on, because the kind of show he was pulling on was a total breath-taker.

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