I Thought She Was A Normal Dancer When I Saw Her Get Up. But Then… This Made Me Scream!

There is more into rhythmic gymnastics than the normal gymnastic competitions we are used to. It’s a world in which pure emotion, aesthetics and grueling athleticism meet. Masters of this trade have to try out hula hoops, medicine balls, ribbons and many others into their routines. It’s commonly associated with tiny athletes, but all they do is fun to watch.

I might be big body-wise compared to most of them, but I can’t imagine subjecting my body into some of the routines they go through. I’m one of those whom even a simple handstand is hard to do; so you understand what I mean by that. Watching this made me never again to underestimate a tiny dancer’s power.

This video features a groundbreaking routine done by Daria Kondakova, a World Champion rhythmic gymnast from Russia. She is using a ball in her routine. She is talented, and you will be shocked at the kind of perfectness that accompanies her performance. She must have taken a substantial amount of time to master this art.

I hope I’m not the only one who was shocked by this performance. You have to watch this video and see how a true master performs complex actions effortlessly and flawlessly. Did you fall in love with her performance?

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