I Won’t Require A Plunger After This. This Is Why! … So Easy And Useful!

Clogged toilets are always a bother. It gets worse when you find yourself in front of a toilet that’s clogged without a plunger. You no longer have to panic since guys at build.com have a solution which is simple and quick.  You are only required to have hot water, dish soap and a few minutes to spare. When you watch this, you will discover why folks at build.com are known for their outstanding home improvement skills. By visiting their YouTube channel, you will learn how to do away with carpet odor, unclogging your garbage disposal and many others.

This video covers a 3-step process that one can use to unclog a toilet. Every step is quite simple and straight forward to follow. When I saw Brett demonstrate this within the video, I went home and tried it out. And you have to trust me, it works!

If you were in need of a trick of getting a clean toilet bowl and ensuring the clog is gone, this is the one! With this useful trick, you now know what to do when it’s hard to locate your plunger. Do you think this is a tip that’s worth trying? Let’s know by commenting below!

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