Illinois Police Officers Save A Little Girl Of 19 Months Old – It’s Stunning!

Two police officers of Schaumburg Police Department in Illinois, turned out to be heroes when they rescued a baby girl of 19 months from dying.

According to the information released by the police department, the rescued baby girl was riding with her grandmother in the car when all of a sudden she stopped to breath. On seeing that she was not breathing, the grandmother halted the car by the roadside and contacted 911.

In the clip below, that was recorded by the camera on the car’s dashboard, we see officers Bryan Poradzisz and Kevin O’Connor quickly approaching to give the little girl some assistance.

It was Officer Poradzisz who did the Heimlich maneuver then proceeded with the CPR. As for Officer O’Connor, he kept cleaning the girl’s mouth. After some time, the girl regained consciousness.

The two police officers remained with the girl soothing her till the paramedics came by and took her for treatment. Even though it is not known what might have made her to stop breathing, but information has if that she healed fully. The press had news saying that the two officers were praised by their department for having saved a life.

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