Instant Karma Exists, Watch What This Reckless Driver Went Through When He Misbehaved!

The story below happened during the Project 22 Ride for Vets. It has been shown that around 22 veterans take away their lives so this is one of those projects that supports them to prevent that. During the escorted bike ride, out of nowhere a reckless and rude driver appeared. He was not going to get away with his rudeness since he was hit by instant karma.

From the look of things, the driver was not patient enough and must have been in a hurry and never wanted to wait. He was prepared to break the law rather than wait for the bikers to pass. Unknown to him, there was a motorcycle cop amidst the bikers. It was unthinkable that the guy wanted to race ahead of the bikers since clearly they were doing something.

Luckily, not a single person was hurt as a result of his recklessness. While attempting to get around the bikers, he nearly hit some of them. Kindly never attempt to drive like this man since those using motorcycles are not safer like those in a car.

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