Instead Of Leaving A Few Dollars As A Tip, This Guy Gave Out A Cool $25,000. The Reason? Touching!

When Brian walked over to a table to serve a family, he had no idea just how his life going to change in just a few minutes. That’s until he took their order and returned to the hostess, and then a man got up from the table and approached him!

Brian, who works at the Doo-Dah Dinner, Wichita, Kansas, had some teeth problems. He had undergone some very painful episodes with is teeth. However, he was always a smiley man despite the look of his teeth. Everyone loved Brian, and they sure loved him even more after what happened that day!

The approaching stranger was Fred Boettcher. Fred was with his family when they happened to pop into the dinner to grab something, and that’s when he was really touched by Brian’s good courtesy, so he decided to do something for him. Instead of just leaving a tip, Fred decided to fund Brian’s dental care, all worth $25,000. You’ll want to see the transformation after the medical procedure. This is lovely!

Watch this video and SHARE on Facebook. This is real proof that the Earth hasn’t ran out of good people yet. Great!

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