Interesting Twist Of Fate Follows Father-Daughter Reunion- Stunning!

Will Russell was a raging alcoholic when he got his daughter. Besides the alcohol addiction, he was too young to take care of a baby. Will gave up his daughter, Amy, for adoption soon after her birth.

Many years later, Will joined the Phoenix Rescue Mission. The organization offers assistance to the hungry and homeless. He began as a volunteer and later held a full- time position.

In July 2013, Amy started a mission to find her biological family. Thanks to social media, she interacted with her siblings who connected her to her biological father. Amy made that dreaded call to Will, despite being anxious and nervous.

Will received the call open heartedly despite the 24 years of no communication. Will assured Amy everything would be OK.

The two met for breakfast the following day. Amy learned about her father’s struggle with alcoholism in his 20s. Will took his last drink in 2004. He became a pastor and helps alcoholics overcome their addiction.

Well, father and daughter share more than DNA. After the conversation, Will says he has to leave as he needs to go to Phoenix Rescue Mission. Amy is stunned. Watch the clip and see the shocking twist of events.

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