It Appeared Like A Normal Plant. Then This Happened… So Strange!

There are many mysteries behind nature with many questions than answers. That’s what one couple that comes from South Carolina stumbled during a hike. They were baffled when they came across a strange plant.

Jason Freeman was with his wife when they noticed a plant which was swaying violently to and fro though it was a calm day. Jason decided to film the strange happening and termed it as the “weirdest thing” they have ever come across.

As he reveals within this video, he was a little bit terrified since there was no wind. He stood there watching it move back and forth.

To make it stranger, there were no other plants within the area showing any form of movement. They were all still while the plant continued with the movements. He reached a point where he was tempted to stop the plant’s movements. It stopped for a while and went back to its movements.

When this video was posted online, several users tried to explain this happening. One quoted the American Journal of Botany which was referring to Tapered Plant Stems’ oscillation frequencies. According to the person, wind, which can’t be felt magnifies the resonant frequency.

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