It Means A Lot To Be An Abortion Survivor… This Woman Says It All!

Sometimes, mothers are forced to seek for an abortion due to one reason or the other. Some of them are successful while others fail. When Melissa Ohden’s mother was about 8 months pregnant, she went for a saline infusion abortion. The abortion was not successful and 5 days later Melissa was given birth to!

As an abortion method, the saline infusion abortion technique was tried back in the 1930s for the first time. The method was found to cause more pain and side effects to the patients and thus it’s not commonly practiced today. It is mostly recommended to women whose pregnancy is between 14 to 24 weeks.

The number of cases in which this procedure has failed is not clear but as per Wikipedia, there are two so far. The one for Gianna Jessen (a disability rights activist) and the one of Melissa. The two were lucky to survive and ended up being adopted.

Emotional support is a thing most abortion survivors need to be accorded. One of the platforms that offer that is the Abortion Survivors Network. It makes one feel appreciated and avoid the associated loneliness.  Melissa’s experience can be watched within this video and it’s so touching when you hear her speak.

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