It Starts With Her Charming Voice Breaking The Silence, Next? So Thrilling!

I have watched a number of performances, there are those I can’t remember once the performance is over and those whose memory is there to stay. This video is one of those performances I won’t tire watching again and again.  Here, it was back in 2008 when Katharine McPhee and Andrea Bocelli took the stage to perform “The Prayer.” They did this at the Mandalay Bay Hotel within Las Vegas.

Just from the time Katharine breaks the silence, you know you are about to listen to a worth performance. The power and magic within their voices is enough to make me wish I had attended their captivating performance.  From the video, it’s easy to tell how moved the audience was.

You may think the two have been performing together the whole of their lives when you hear them sing. However, that’s not the case. McPhee happens to be An American singer and actress while Bocelli is an Italian songwriter and singer. For those who remember the 5th season of American Idol, McPhee was one of the participants and she took runners-up.

Irrespective of their disparate backgrounds, the two still are capable to give a mouthwatering performance.

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