It’s On Her Great Wedding Day, And Her Own Brothers Decide To Do This To Her… Hilarious!

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll definitely agree that getting a wedding invitation, especially from a close friend or family member, is a really great thing. It’s “passionate,” so to speak. But what happens when you’re given the chance to pull off something to keep the party lively? Goose-bumps?!

Not really. It’s not about the goose-bumps that sound so scary, but rather the emotion that comes with the great moment. You might stand before the guest hoping to make a moving speech but find yourself shedding a few tears of joy, especially if the wedding involves a friend or relative. So, what if you could make it a little bit sillier and even much more hilarious?

Well, these 2 smart brothers had that idea. During their sister’s wedding, they decided to do a rap song, and the lyrics brought the house down. It’s so hilarious, not even the groom can hold it together!

Rapping away to the beat of the LFO’s “Summer Girls,” the two guys go on to amaze and crack the ribs of the guests in a fashion never seen before. You must want to see this right now!

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