Jennifer Lopez Performs An Amazing Song On American Idol. What A Talented Singer!

No one can deny that Jennifer Lopez is a famous singer and an American Idol judge. The past week, she decided not to play the role of the judge and decided to take the stage once again and do some performance. Being able to see her on stage tells us why she is among the best judges when it comes to choosing the future American Idol.

While on stage, she interpreted “Feel the Light,” a song that will be used in an animated film called “Home,” which will be released soon. What makes the performance amazing is her wonderful voice and the backstage lighting. When the lights are put on, she is seen to be cladding a long white dress what portrays her appealing physique.

After the performance, the audience fills the air with applauses. There is no doubt that she also was very pleased with her performance. Later on Access Hollywood, she was noted saying that the performance was only a projection which resulted so amazing to her. She continued saying that it was a vision she had been dreaming of for quite some time, but the outcome was better than what she had expected.

Watch the lovely performance in the clip below, and let us know what your opinion is by commenting below.

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