Jimmy Asked Little Twin Girls Something About Their Mom. Their Answer Floored Me!

Everyone loves Jimmy Kimmel Live, especially the funny segments. Now, it gets even better and much funnier if you involve some cute kids with hilarious answers to pertinent questions. On this occasion, Jimmy decided to treat the world to some hearty laughter. Get set!

So Jimmy sent out his camera crew all the way to Hollywood Boulevard to have a word with some 2 cute little girls who seem very ready to get people’s ribs cracking at a moment’s notice. For the interview, these small ladies will answer some questions about their mom, and that exactly where it begins!

Jimmy had come across some research claiming that women are more inclined to throw tantrums and experience road rage than men, so he decided to bring these two into the fold and dig up some evidence. You must want to know what he found out!

He asks the girls about the worst thing they’ve ever heard their mom say on the road. Their answers will leave you gasping. If this doesn’t crack you up big time, I don’t know what will.

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