Jimmy Fallon Took On Melissa McCartney, And He Surely Had His Match. What!

If you haven’t seen any of the many viral videos made by Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show, this is a good time to admit that you’ve really been missing a lot. This particular video is the best so far, and can’t skip it!

It’s Melissa McCartney as the guest in the house, and this time, she’s facing off with the usual Jimmy in a lip synching battle that’s about to get you dropping off that seat. So Jimmy decided to pull off the first, and Melissa pulls a fast one. He comes back and pulls again, and Melissa is back with a rap. All this is something that you must be dying to see. At the 7 minute mark, things get really hot!

You can’t fail to nod to the fact that this show is your favorite and that this particular video is spot on. Check it out and fall in love with just how well and cool these two get the crowd going all wild and entertained. Melissa is down-to-earth!

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