Jimmy Kimmel Uses A Fake Lie Detector To Extract Information From A Kid. So Funny!

Wow, I just like the way Jimmy Kimmel makes people laugh! He has a talk show that if you tune to it at night, you will hear him interviewing the celebrities, but what is interesting is the tricks he uses which are funny. In the clip below, you will surely laugh the whole day when you see the Lie Detective satire.

He invites the kids to take a test using a lie detector, but little do they know that the detector is just fake and does not work. In the clip, we see Jimmy giving a detailed explanation of what a lie detector is before placing it on his head. Blake of seven years gets a little frightened with the machine on his head. Jimmy starts by asking him easy questions of which Blake answers them with ease.

But when Blake is asked if he likes to go to school, the lights on the machine situated on his head lights because of the answer he gives. This makes him to admit that he does not like schooling.

At time goes, Jimmy keeps asking Blake tough questions, who is now frightened. At some point, he is forced to confess that his mum speaks bad words. When asked if he has ever spoken bad words, he …

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