Judges At ‘America’s Got Talent’ Get Astonished By A 14-Year-Old’s Performance. Unbelievable!

We are living in the information age. We have almost all the knowledge in the world available for free. You can learn almost anything you wish on the internet. There are millions of free books, video and audio files that you need to learn how to do anything you can think of. Some people have even learnt to create weapons form the internet. I bet the only thing that is still not available on the internet is the technology to create nuclear weapons. What that means is that if you are someone interested in learning something good, you will never run short of learning materials.

That is what happened to Dossi, the girl who did an amazing show in the video below. She said she learnt her skills by watching videos on the internet. Her parents said they were glad she was learning something that could help her in her life from the internet. It is just amazing how wonderful knowledge is when you use it to do the right thing.

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