Judges Try To Bully A Contestant, But Then The Heat Is Turned On Them. Perfect Lesson!

You probably already know that there’s an “X Factor” version in New Zealand.  In that light, you also might have a clue about the judges on the show. Well, some of them might have tripped some live wires in “etiquette!”

During one of the latest shows, two of the judges decided to dig their own career graves when it appeared fine with them to bully an innocent contestant.  Apparently, Natalia Kills and Willie Moon weren’t so thrilled by the attempt of one of the contestants to copy Willie’s looks, so the two found themselves on the other side of good behavior where they spoke rashly and bullied the poor little soul right on the stage.  Really?!

However, all is no longer well with these two as their unbecoming behavior culminated into them getting kicked out of the show.  The CEO, Mediaworks, one Mark Weldon, is of the opinion that the two culprits are leaving the show with immediate effect. They got their lesson!

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