Just After The Couples Said, “I Do,” The Unexpected Happened! WOW!!

Weddings are beautiful occasions to attend. It is expected that in such occasions, nobody expects whatsoever for something to go wrong. Here is a case where after the bride and the bridegroom said yes, the unexpected happens!

In the following video, a band called the maroon 5 opted for the idea of gatecrashing some weddings, an action caught on camera. The owners of the weddings were left with their mouths open when these intruders decided to show-up during their wedding receptions. Caught unaware, the couples had no idea of what was going on, until the band leader, Adam Levine, came out and began interpreting the band’s hit songs.

As you can see in the video, both the brides and the bridegrooms are frankly surprised, at the same time very thrilled to witness the band standing in front of them. What a wonderful moment to see all those present in the wedding shake their bodies to the rhythm of the band’s performance!

If you were the bride or the bridegroom of a wedding ceremony, then the unexpected like this happens, what will be your reaction? Let us know what your comments are. Please SHARE this video with all your friends and couples to be!


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