Kid Starts To March In Front Of A Guard, What The Guard Does? I Can’t Believe It!

Little children are known to be fantasy dreamers more so when they spot a grown up doing something that they’ve been imagining of. Many a times, the grownups take this to be a distraction to them, while what the kids are looking for in real sense is some little attention.

Not long ago at the exterior of Royal Castle in Stockholm, Sweden, a guard did something memorable to a kid that was socializing with him. Generally, guards who are found in such places tend to be very strict on their job. But this particular guard was different as he decided to play along with the kid and make him happy.

Actually the kid was imitating the way guards do as he was carrying an umbrella and matching the same way the guards do carry the guns. The kid gets into action by marching till when he gets closer to the guard who also responds by standing in attention.

When bells ring, the little kid starts mimicking the adorable way the soldiers do their gun styles, before he resumes marching again. The guard surprises the kid when he marches alongside him.

They continue marching till they turn and face each other once more and perform the salute action. Afterwards, the little kid matches away and disappears while the guard returns to his place of work.

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