Lights go out suddenly in grocery store – then cashiers give unsuspecting shoppers incredible holiday surprise

What seems like a regular trip to go buy groceries at the Edeka Supermarket in Germany takes a sudden holiday twist that has everyone smiling from ear to ear! The lights begin to dim and the customers start looking around in wonder – then the beeping starts!

With 13 hidden cameras set up, these cashiers give the customers a fun holiday surprise that leaves them all cheering for more. The cashiers use their machines to beep the tune of “Jingle Bells” in perfect unison – there’s even a beatboxing cashier that adds a little flare to the classic Christmas tune! No one could’ve expected their shopping trip to take this type of a turn!

The shocked faces turn to smiles and everyone begins to dance along! They can’t believe that their local grocery store has out on such an amazing beeping performance! Now that’s a fun trip to the grocery store! Check it out for yourself by pressing “Play” on the video below! You might even begin to dance along!

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