Little Boy Of 7 Years Helps Siblings To Reunite After 65 Years Of Separation!

When Clifford Boyson was three years of age, he was separated from his sister of five years named Betty Billadeau. The two went to live in two different foster homes.

As time went by, Clifford began making all the efforts to trace his older sister. He tried by drafting her letters which unfortunately were returned to him due to sending failure. This made him hear broken since Betty was his only family that he knew. Surprisingly enough, Eddie, a little boy of seven years was able to notice how stressed Clifford was.

Confessing, Clifford said that no one assisted him until he had an encounter with Eddie. Eddie was a fan of playing with an iPad belonging to his parents. When he heard of Clifford’s story, he began searching for Betty on Facebook using the iPad. Luck was on his side as he found her. The reunion that took place was priceless!

Eddie revealed that he searched for the name Boyson, which brought about numerous pictures. One of the pictures resembled Clifford so he zoomed it and the more he did it the more it looked similar to Clifford. He then called his parents and showed them the findings.

Watch the clip below to see the reunion between Clifford and Betty after 65 years had passed.

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