Little Boy With A Blood Vessel Condition Receives Treehouse Gift – Touching!

Do you have a little kid? There is nothing that brings joy to a person life like the smile of a little kid. As the kid grows up and you watch them do things for fun, stuff that can not hurt them in any way but makes them more creative. You just feel overwhelmed with joy. That is exactly the kind of life Landry lives, and it brings a lot of joy to his parents and the entire family. However, underneath all that happiness, the family knows they may not have Landry with them for a long time.

When he was a toddler, aged 9 months, he was diagnosed with a condition called Anterior Venus Malformation, (AVM). This is a condition where there are abnormal blood vessels in the brain that are tangled up. They are very delicate and could rupture anytime. If that happens, they will cause bleeding in the brain or spinal cord, which will be fatal.

When Make-A-wish visited them when learnt of his medical condition, they asked him to wish for something. The boy chose what many children would desire for themselves, but he just wanted a little more, he wanted a tree house for the whole family. In the video below, you can see the joy on his face and the entire family he enters his tree house for first time.

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