Little Boy with Autism Goes To Disney Land and Falls in Love… AWW!

Walt Disney is magical for kids and adults. There is something memorable about Walt Disney that words cannot explain.

A mom and her 2-year old son with autism visited the place. The boy’s mom did not expect this kind of reaction for the little boy. Fortunately, she captured the entire moment on camera.

It is evident love in the air. You can tell from the way the boy gazes at the princess. He breaks into a smile and gives an adoring gaze. He even falls into the laps of Snow White. The princess reciprocates the love by giving him an affectionate rub on the head.

During the photo session, the little boy smiles and looks at the princess instead of focusing on the person taking the photo. Clearly, the boy is love struck. Maybe it is love at first sight for the boy. The look on his face is PRICELESS and adorable.

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