Little Girl And A Leopard Become Playmates At Pittsburgh Zoo. So Lovely!

A mother of three was left breathless when Tila, one of her daughters aged 3 years, did the unexpected at the Pittsburgh Zoo.

Tammy Moreno, the mother saw it wise to have an outing at the zoo with her daughters since the weather was warm and conducive. Apart from that, they had a tradition of going to the zoo a number of times in a year.

The visit to the zoo was to become a memorable one since Tila decided to socialize with a leopard that was living in the zoo!

Tammy said that for all the times that they had been in the zoo, no animal had ever been attracted by them. But on that afternoon when they entered the exhibit in the zoo, Tila was able to attract the attention of one of the leopards.

Immediately, Tila and the wild cat began playing together, but with a glass window separating them. In the clip below, you will clearly see how the leopard really wants to play with the stuffed animal that Tila has on her hands. And like magic, the two starting playing together, only separated by a window pane!

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