Little Girl Charms the Crowd During The America’s Got Talent Audition

The auditions for America’s Got Talent have been back for a few weeks now, and things have gone a notch higher. We hope that the participants will bring their A-game to the shower. Their performance should inspire the judges to push that golden buzzer without much persuasion.

The contestants and those in the crowd are always looking for the expression on the faces of the judges.

The show is not restricted to one skill. There are some contestants that surprise the judges, even the tough and critic Simon Cowell, with performances that are unique. This country cutie is one of the contestants who offered a unique performance.

When she walked onto the stage, wearing a frilly skirt and bedazzled boots, the judges wondered what to expect from her. Kadie Lynn, 12 years, blew their mind when she sang Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star. She exuded confidence, and the small girl sang in a powerful voice. Judge Cowell is stunned by her vocals.

Watch as the young country cutie sings her lungs out. See how the crowd gives her a standing ovation by jumping on their feet.

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