Little Girl Of 4 Years Make A Wish, Seconds Later… This Can’t Be True!

In Disneyland, there is a phrase that says all dreams come true. Alyssa and her little brother can confirm to you that it’s certainly true.

The two had got a chance of visiting Disneyland, where everything looked as normal, with people having fun. But of late, Alyssa had something that was disturbing her.

Lt. Scott Brown, who happens to be Alyssa’s dad, was a Marine that had been on war in Afghanistan, but was also ensuring that all her kids grew up well.

While at the park, she happened to meet with Snow White. They both closed their eyes and Alyssa made a wish that her dad could come back from Afghanistan safely.

It seemed that the wish was granted at that very time, for her dad appeared in the picture seconds later. From her face, you could tell that Alyssa was not believing who she was seeing. She went slowly and gave her dad a hug that will forever be remembered by the two.

Alyssa stayed by her dad’s side, and kept telling him how she missed him a lot. He really deserved a welcoming hug, for he also offered himself to defend the nation too!

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