Little Girl Sends The Crowd To Another World When She Opens Her Mouth To Sing!

This is the reason why I prefer audio-visual videos than only the audios ones. Like in the audio of this song, what I had in mind was a singer of the 1940s singing, due to the humming vocals, until I saw the real clip.

A small girl of 8 years of age called Angelina Jordan performed with professionalism and maturity. She had mastered not only the sound of the singers, but also the feelings of famous singers of all the time like Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Nancy Sinatra, Dusty Springfield, and many others.

The majority call her “Old soul” due to her perfect and elegant style not forgetting the angelic voice. This little girl has surely has a lot to offer. It is so amazing to stand in front of a big crowd, at a tender age of 10 years and sing to them like she did.

Hopes are that she continues with the same path she is taking, also with the kindness and not to let herself become misguided with the tricky show business. With this rhythm that she is taking, in a few years she will be able to receive a Grammy Award. Listen to her latest version of this hit song.

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