Little Girl Shocks Church Members, Nobody Saw It Coming… Watch And See!

Children are unpredictable. They can do things that you least expect. Worst case scenario is when they do it in public places such as the church. You are never sure what trick is up their sleeve.

This little girl amazed worshippers in the church. She was recorded conducting the choir on her volition. She stood at the back of the church and copied the movements and actions of the choir master in front. Her actions stunned everyone.

In the beginning, one does not seem to comprehend what the baby is up to. After a few seconds, we notice that she is “conducting” the choir by mimicking the choir master. She must have been carried away by the music and decided to flow with it. I can imagine the looks on her parents’ faces. They must be mesmerized and impressed as they did not stop her. They allowed her to be till the choir was done the singing.

Watch the little girl in action and let us know what you think. Feel free to leave comments below!

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