Local Residents Reward Mail Carriers By Offering Them This… What A Heart!

There are some jobs that are considered to be hard. For instance, Mail carriers do have it rough all day long. This type of work is a demanding one since they can’t leave doing it whether it rains, snows, becomes hot, or becomes gloomy at night. The most tiring part of their work is when they have to walk all day long, making sure that they deliver mails to everyone in the zone that they are supposed to execute their duties. Due to this hardship that is encountered, the residents of a village in Oklahoma had to come up with a way of encouraging them and showing them that they do care for them.

Information has it that there is a small group of residents of the village that have made the initiative of leaving coolers which are full of cold water for these mail carriers. One of the residents who performs that action is Tracey Beaves. She began leaving the cold water for the mail carriers in July, summer time when the sun is scorching. She is one of the others who not only think in getting their mails but also have in mind the type of hardships these people pass through to see that the mails reach them.

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