Look At This Car Keenly. After A Few Seconds? Crazy!

This clip is about an advertisement. Skoda is a renowned automotive manufacturer and in this video we see them launching their new model. The model’s name is Fabian and it’s one of the latest advertisement campaigns. This manufacturer wanted to prove how their new model could get everyone’s attention. Anyway the ad is attention stealing. I am sure most guys would stop by to get a better view of this model.

In the video, a company called Czech Republic-based car decides to park the new classy car on the street. A hidden camera is then set to capture everything that happens. There are many questions one would ask: will people gather? Will others motorist hold their breaks? If you still want an answer to this then you need to watch it for yourself. The clip’s caption has the words” garnering instant mystery and suspense”

Just within sixty seconds, one will be transfixed Fabian. The director of MindsEye, Luke Bellis must have taken his time to come up with such an advert. Keep calm and watch this clip to the end. I am sure you are going to be wowed. I wonder if you will believe it.

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