Looking Through The Window, This Family Was Stunned When They Saw THIS… What A Rare Sight!

Sometimes, we are very lucky to witness things that are very rare. On such occasions, we should always try to film them for remembrance and also to share with others. The clip below was filmed by a family living in Southeast Idaho near Thatcher. They had slept well during the night and on waking up, they went to the living room as usual. While they were staring outside to see the new day, they were stunned to see visitors in their compound. At first they thought that the animals in vicinity were cats, but on looking very carefully, they were surprised to find out that they were mountain lion cubs that had given them a visit at their house entrance.

The three cubs were coming from the nearby woods and they looked calm in the way they were walking and looking around. When such animals do frequent human homes is that they need some help. The family managed to enjoy the rare visit and later contacted the Fish & Game authority who came for them. For cubs to wander like that, it might be that their mother was poached and killed by poachers, even though it has not yet been established officially.

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