Lucy doesn’t want to perform at Xmas concert – steals the spotlight with her hilarious moves

She may be just eight-years-old, but Lucy Cardillo is one of those people that are just made to shine. As you’ll see in the video below, some people like Lucy, are just natural performers.

All the kids start out the show with their backs to the crowd. As soon as the music starts, the kids turn around and the show is on. Luckily, Kelly Cardillo, Lucy’s mom, had her camera ready. What’s shocking is that Lucy initially didn’t want to be at the program. She was upset because she was going to miss a gift exchange with her dance class, but the teacher explained to Kelly that she really wanted Lucy to be there.

Now we know why. Not only does Lucy add her own moves to the performance taking place on the stage, but her facial expressions are absolutely priceless. Kelly couldn’t believe how her daughter performed. There was no denying that Lucy is full of Christmas spirit and has the heart of a true performer.

As soon as Kelly got home, she uploaded the video to social media and her post said, “This is my daughter at her school Christmas concert. She brought the house down. See if you can guess which one she is!”

Kelly never guessed that her post would get the attention it did. It has been viewed over 6.5 million times and shared by more than 107,000 people, and you’ll understand why when you see it.

Take a peek at this hilarious Christmas choir dance routine in the video below!

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