Magician Performs Some Magic At A Zoo, The Orangutan’s Reaction? I Can’t Stop Laughing!

I remember when I was a child, I used to impress my parents so they would give me some money to attend a magic performance. My love for magic has never stopped bothering me till this very moment. But when I watched the clip below, I knew that it was not only me who was a fan of magic, but also animals are included!

The clip below was filmed in a zoo in Barcelona, Spain and we are privileged to meet an orangutan who was amazed with the little magic that was performed at his sight.

One day when a magician by the name of Dan Zaleski, toured the Barcelona zoo, he saw it wise to perform a trick on the orangutan. The magic was all about making a ball disappear from a Styrofoam cup. Dan took the cup and placed the ball in it and closed it with the lid, then shacked it in front of the orangutan. While shaking, he carefully removed the ball without being seen by the orangutan, and when the time for opening came, you will certainly laugh on how the orangutan reacts.

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