Man Helps To Stop A Pharmacy Robbery While Paying His Girlfriend A Visit!

Luck was not on the robber’s side when he tried to rob Walgreens in Bradenton, Florida. In the video below, which was recorded by the security cameras, we see the man in a mask enter a pharmacy. He heads straight to the counter and tries to steal. But to the surprise of many, he was caught by David West who accidentally was there at that time.

And do you know who West is? Just to brief you, West is a boxer who had attained two state title. He had gone to Florida to see his girlfriend when the incident happened. He was conversing with his girlfriend when the robber entered the pharmacy. He sprang into action by making sure his love was safe when he saw the robber reach into his pocket to flash out a weapon.

Revealing to ABC, West of 26 years said that his intentions were not to hurt a person but to do what was supposed to be done which is protecting her girlfriend. He continued to say that he gave some advice to the robber of 26 years old as he pinned him down waiting for the authority to arrive. He told him that he hoped that he learned from the experience and change his way of life.

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